Spafford Data Solutions creates custom software to improve your company's efficiency and profitability.

Database development: You need a custom system designed to make your data management and reporting effortless? I will look at your requirements, and come up with a solution that will help you keep a finger on the pulse of your company.

FileMaker 911: You've built your own database using FileMaker Pro, and why not? It's a great piece of software! But now you would like a little more out of your database. A large part of my business is working on existing systems, making them do things that the original programmer doesn't know how to do, or doesn't have the time to do. You can just hire me to do the "hard bits".

Data consulting and modeling: Not sure that you're managing your data efficiently and effectively? Need help figuring out how to get the reports you want out of your current system? I have looked at and redesigned a lot of systems. You may just need to change a few of your operating procedures. You may need an entire new way of doing things.

Data manipulation: It's time for your quarterly direct mailer, but your client addresses are spread throughout the email applications of your entire sales staff? I will pull data from various sources and provide it in the format you need.

Data parsing: You need a way to get that vital prospect information from an on-line directory, but don't want to spend all those hours re-typing? I will parse all that data into the format your sales staff needs.

WordPress site creation and management: You need a new web site that gives you the ability to make changes without having to redesign the site, and you may even want to manage the content yourself? I can set up a WordPress-driven site that will take the rocket science out of the process.

Paul Spafford,
Spafford Data Solutions
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Telephone: (613) 314-8890
Email: paul@paulspafford.com
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