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I do all of my database development in FileMaker Pro (www.filemaker.com), which used to be considered a MS Access clone, but has really come into its own. With the proper setup of client and server software, FileMaker is an excellent networkable database for cross-platform (Mac/PC) solutions.

A FileMaker file can hold up to one million tables, with a maximum file size of eight terabytes. It can be networked to up to 250 users (who have a copy of FileMaker on their desktop). On the lower end of the spectrum, if a client is not interested in a networked solution, I can create a FileMaker runtime solution which will run on a single desktop, with no purchase of FileMaker software required by the client.

FileMaker files can also be accessed via phone and tablet using FileMaker Go software, or FileMaker's own WebDirect technology. We these advances, you can get the data entry into the hands of the people who are doing the actual work, instead of relying on an admin person to do all the data entry at a later time.

The biggest advantage of FileMaker is the speed of development. I can design a database in a fraction of the time it would take to do it in the "high end" database software like Oracle, SQL Server, etc., and the database can be as automated as you like, unlike something that has been created in Airtable or Google docs.

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